The Tales of Oldin: Darkness (2014)

a stop motion animated short film

The Tales of Oldin: Darkness is the third stop motion animated short film from stop motion animator Jason Gottlieb. Oldin is Jason’s most cinematic stop motion animated short film to date. Featuring beautiful puppets by the very talented artist Sara Renzulli and a richly detailed set designed and fabricated by Shiloe Swisher it’s sure to delight all audiences. Of course, the amazing visuals are nothing without Oscar Negroni’s heartwarming story.

Oldin was completed in early February 2014 and is now able to be viewed online!  Stay tuned here for updates as the film festival submission process has started and Oldin will hopefully be coming to a big screen near you! This page will be continuously updated as more information becomes available. Enjoy!



Oldin, an aged and weathered gnome is joined by his friend and companion, a field mouse named Tyke. They are searching the forest for food when they’re stalked by a menacing owl. Quickly, they find safety in their home. Hunger seems to be the fate for the two friends, when suddenly out of the darkness, the menacing eyes emerge from the darkness.

What happens next is a lesson for the ages. As Oldin smiles he shows that even a wise old gnome can learn new life lessons. What seems to be, is not always what it is, and out of darkness can come good.




Directed, Animated, Visual Effects by Jason Gottlieb

Story by Oscar Negroni

Puppets by Sara Renzulli

Art Direction, Sets, Additional Visual Effects by Shiloe Swisher

Sound Mix by Adam Mizner

Music written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Recordings by Neville Mariner: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Jeno Jando