Illume (2005) 

Illume from Jason Gottlieb on Vimeo.

Synopsis: There is a light that sits atop a cliff. This light is the life-force of two robots and the downfall of a smoke cat. In order to move freely and leave the shadows the cat must block off the robots’ access to the light. Likewise, the robots must have access to the light or they will perish.

General Information:
 Illume is a 5 1/2 minute stop motion animation short film. It incorporates stop motion animation, hand drawn animation, and visual effects techniques. The idea for Illume was a process of evolution from a rough experimental concept in early 2003 to an experimental narrative film a few months later. The actual production started in July 2003 and was completed in January 2005.

Illume is what I consider to be the first complete stop motion animation short film that I have produced.  While I’d made ‘shorts’ in the past they were really more like exercises. The entire process was invaluable; I learned a great deal more about the art of filmmaking and animation than I would have if I’d simply spent my time working on animation tests.

After countless hours, sleepless nights, and pots of coffee I am proud to call Illume a completed film. I think the visuals are great and are perfectly matched by the wonderful score and sound design created by the very talented Erik Desiderio.



Stop motion animation allows this pile of wood to transform into an imagined world


After the wood frame comes chicken wire, burlap, and then a coating of plaster.


A bit of wood, plaster, paint, and lighting later, and we have the set for illume!