Do Not Push | a stop motion animation short film from Jason Gottlieb on Vimeo.

Do Not Push (2013)

a stop motion short film




Juan Pablo is full of excitement as he is about to propose to his girlfriend Talia. The problem is Juan Pablo doesn’t exactly read the signs around him. After a failed proposal attempt he finds himself in front of a life changing sign. The question is will he finally read the sign in front of him or will he PUSH his luck?

About the film
Do Not Push was created by Jason Gottlieb and Oscar Negroni in 2009 to give them a fun creative outlet during the Hollywood writer’s strike. Jason, a stop motion animator, wanted something to animate and Oscar a screenwriter, was more than happy to join Jason in the crafting of this fun story. Together the two brought this world to life from written word to the colorful animation you see and hear in the short. Do Not Push would take 4 years to complete because their respective lives would change in ways they could never have imagined. Respectfully, they have aged, found love, and had their first sons come into the world. Do Not Push represents more than just a long creative journey, but one that reflects growth, change, commitment, love, and wisdom.



Do Not Push stars the very talented and funny Josh Covitt and Deanna Russo.


International Video Art Festival Casablanca



Who is Juan Pablo?


JP is a lovable and affable character that is oblivious in his nature and really unaware of himself. He’s a charmer in his own mind and although he delivers his version of his ‘Latino’ charm, he often falls flat. JP meets the love of his life, Talia, through an online exchange, his profile a complete delusion of the truth. He gains Talia’s affection and is inspired to move across the country from Passaic, New Jersey to the Southern California valley. He embarks on a road trip cross country and is escorted with his best buds, John ‘Pepe’ Gonzalez and Richard Brown (aka ‘dick’). Antics quickly ensue on his road trip, from mistaken identities to his extradition to Mexico and as a result his ‘illegal’ entry back to the US. He finally makes it to the arms of the woman he loves. JP’s romantic dreams are crushed as Talia quickly realizes JP is not the man who she met online but rather a figment of JP’s self.