International Video Art Festival Casablanca

Official Selection – Festival International d’Art Video de Casablanca

I’m happy to announce the film festival World Premiere of “Do Not Push” at the Festival International d’Art Vidéo de Casablanca (International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca).  If you’ll be in Morocco from April 22 thru April 26, 2014 please go check it out along with all of the other great short films and works of art.  If anyone actually reading this does happen to live in Morocco or visit the festival please let me know how it went. I wish I could see a public screening’s reaction to the film. Unfortunately, the airfare from Los Angeles to Casablanca is a big cost-prohibitive at the moment, perhaps I’ll be able to visit this festival another time with films yet to be produced in the future. 

This festival has been added to the Screenings calendar on this website.  Any additional film festival screenings in the future will be posted there as well.  If I can make it to any festival I’ll be sure to note that info within the calendar so that people can come and say hi. :)

International Video Art Festival Casablanca

The Tales of Oldin: Darkness is finished!

As the subject of this post states, my third stop motion animation short film The Tales of Oldin: Darkness is finished!

Please check it out here on my website or over on my YouTube channel.



Directed, Animated, Visual Effects by Jason Gottlieb

Story by Oscar Negroni

Puppets by Sara Renzulli

Art Direction, Sets, Additional Visual Effects by Shiloe Swisher

Sound Mix by Adam Mizner

Music written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Recordings by Neville Mariner: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Jeno Jando




‘Oldin’ in Post Production

On the heels of finishing “Do Not Push” just a few months ago I’m currently in the final stages of post production on my next stop motion film “The Tales of Oldin: Darkness“.  As with “Do Not Push” I’ll be posting Oldin online for the world to see as well as submitting it to animation & film festivals worldwide.

I’m very proud of this next film as it’s my most cinematic film to date.  My personal opinion is that this is the most beautiful of my films to watch from a purely aesthetic  point of view. This is all thanks to Shiloe Swisher for his amazing set and prop fabrication as well as the talented needle felt artist Sara Renzulli for creating such beautiful puppets for me to breath life into.  The short production and post production schedules had no negative impact on my animation as the stop motion animation remains just as high quality, if not more so, than Do Not Push. With such a long gap in time between my first and second films ‘Illume‘ and ‘Do Not Push‘ it’s inspiring to be close to completing another film! I’ll be even more proud of completing Oldin than I was with Do Not Push just because it has such high production value and yet will have been completed from pre-production to post production in less than a year!

Stay tuned for ‘Oldin’ in January 2014.  Happy new year!